How do I participate in PPL (A) theory training?

How do I participate in PPL (A) theory training?

PPL (A) theory education is primarily carried out as distance learning over an online learning management system. The completion of the 90-hour distance learning period is checked by flight schools by tracking the time spent in the online system. Besides, you must get a passing grade from the mid-term evaluation tests and the end-of-course tests in the online system.

In addition, when you go to the flight school for practical training, 10 hours of face-to-face PPL (A) theoretical training is also provided. Thus, a total of 100 hours of theoretical training is completed.

After the completion of the PPL (A) Theory training, the PPL (A) Theory tests are carried out by the flight school, which measures whether you are ready to take the PPL (A) Theory exam held by the civil aviation authority, and PPL (A) Theory training completion documents, which shows that you are ready to take the exam, are prepared if you are successful.

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